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Cinco de Julio

Help us celebrate this special event by supporting the literacy project

Individual ticket price: $100
You can also sponsor a child and give the gift of literacy
the program cost for 1 child is $250

Sponsorship Levels:

  • $1000 = 4 Kids / 4 Tickets
  • $7500 = 3 Kids / 3 Tickets
  • $500 = 2 Kids / 2 Tickets
  • $250 = 1 Kids / 1 Tickets

Help eliminate illiteracy and create avid readers for a lifetime...

One child at a time.

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About The Literacy Project

The Literacy Project is proud to announce the launch of our reading program service to struggling readers in two new locations in South Summit County, Utah; Silver Summit Academy and South Summit Elementary, beginning in the 2018-19 school year.

The Literacy Project offers a comprehensive instructional program that improves both academic and attitudinal levels of students performing well below English proficiency standards. The academic segment utilizes The New Phonics Game™, a proprietary reading product which was co-developed by The Regents of the University of California. The 30-hour program is administered by TLP’s Master Teachers who are highly credentialed as reading and language arts specialists. The program is provided at “no cost” to both the school and at-risk students in the second grade. The program teaches the fundamental principles of phonics and literacy in all three learning modalities—auditory, visual and tactile—critical to children with varying learning styles. Founded in 2009, TLP has served more than 8,500 struggling readers to become fundamentally proficient and more self-confident in reading.